Exit Survey
1. How would you describe the word “design”?
2. Name at least three types of designers.
3. What are 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of separating the duties of the designer from those of the builder?
4. What are the advantages of utilizing science and math principles as part of the design?
5. What is the purpose of each the three sections of the design process?
Research and Exploration
Design and Construction
Testing and Documenting
6. What makes a good topic?
7. What makes a good problem statement?
8. What is the purpose of having a defined design process?
9. What prior experience do you have using the design process?
10. Rate yourself in each area before and after today's workshop on a scale of 1-10=highest
Before After
Understanding of the design process
Ways to teach students the design process
What makes a good topic
What makes a good problem statement
The purpose of the design process
Types of designers
The research and exploration phase of the design process
The design and construct phase of the design process
The testing and documentation phase of the design process
Confidence in guiding students in the design process
11. Rate how much you knew about each topic before and after the workshop on a scale of 1-10=highest
Before After
Involving students in project management
Teaching students how to keep a record of their milestones and how they were achieved
Determining sub teams
Developing mission, purpose, deliverables and roles for each team
Scheduling weekly meetings for teams to report out
Helping student teams develop detailed short term plans
Helping student teams develop broad long term plans
The kinds of roles for students on a design team
12. What are some advantages of sub teams?
13. How often do you currently have students work in teams with specific roles and responsibilities, with milestones, and team logs?
Have not ever done this
A couple of times a year
4-5 times a year
In most every big project students work in teams
14. How would you rate this workshop for you?
Useful for planning what I will do with students
Background for me
Ideas I can use with students
Activities I can use with students
15. Comments/Suggestions for what you would like more of, less of, needs...
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